Cart Training

For assistance, please call Ext. 5555.
Supervisor Note: For all first-time employees completing the training, please ensure the employee completes the hands-on training with an authorized cart operator prior to your approval.
The Online Utility Cart Training is now automated using Smartsheets. Please see steps below for automation process.

Cart Path Map

Utility Cart Training Instructions
Step 1: Review all training in the "Online Utility Cart Training" PowerPoint and quiz. Once you have successfully completed the quiz, you will be directed to the Cart Operator Training Acknowledgment form.
Step 3: Complete the "Cart Operator Training Acknowledgment Form" and click submit.
Step 4: Once the acknowledgement form is submitted, your supervisor will receive an email and provide an approval response, either to confirm or deny your training is complete. 
Step 5: When E,H&S receives your supervisor's approval, the certification process is complete. NOTE: You will receive a confirmation when your cart training is complete.

Departments considering the purchase of a Utility Vehicle/Cart, a PURCHASE REQUEST FORM must be completed and sent to